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Walter Burlock


Walter Burlock was the official in-house 'censor' for IFC (Independent Film Channel) for several years. Walter's mission was to protect the general public from the lurid and sensational material aired on IFC's "Grindhouse" film series Fridays at midnight. Playing Walter was tons of fun, and involved shooting in some very cool places.
Here's a link that will take you to all the vignettes that are available for viewing on the IFC site. Enjoy! (although Walter would advise against it...)                    

Pierre La Terre

 The Smithsonian Institute's Museum of    Natural History ran an exhibit called  "Dig IT! The Secrets of Soil" featuring a soil 'cook-off' between two chefs preparing earthen delights. I played Pierre La Terre. It was a hoot filming in a huge green-screen studio.

The exhibit was right next door to the Hope Diamond. I believe it is no longer showing, although I'm pretty sure the Hope Diamond still is.